Martin General Hospital’s pharmacy features a full-time doctor of pharmacy on staff that is supported by two board-certified pharmacy technicians. In addition to providing the hospital with medication, we also provide clinical services.

Our clinical services:

  • Add or delete medications in the hospital’s inventory, based on the latest clinical research.
  • Answer drug questions from hospital staff and patients.
  • Automatically switch intravenous medications to oral, when needed. This reduces the risk of IV therapy and saves patients money.
  • Continuously monitor patients’ medication profiles to ensure safety.
  • Monitor patient liver and kidney function.
  • Prepare and monitor all parenteral nutrition.
  • Provide compounding medications and IV solutions that aren’t commercially available.
  • Review antibiotic therapies to ensure that doses are appropriate and patient allergies are accounted for.

Pharmacy and patient safety:

  • Electronic drug stations are on each nursing floor to store medicine for convenient access. They use a barcode technology so medicine must be checked by the pharmacy, med station and the nurse.
  • High alert drugs are marked both in the main pharmacy and in the med stations.
  • Pharmacists participate in the hospital’s Quality Improvement Team, finding ways to improve patient safety.
  • The units help track medications, allowing for quicker reordering.

For more information, please call:
(252) 809-6300